Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nuts, Cheese and Crust

This months' theme for the Click Photography contest hosted by Jugalbandi was "Crust". Details of the contest are here. Our entry for the contest is this photo of a Cannoli titled 'Nuts, Cheese and Crust'.

Last month, our entry 'Zen Orange' on the citrus theme was able to make the top 10 and also the top 5 for 'Most Drool-Worthy'. Thanks to the Jugalbandi team!


S.Sivashanmugam said...

I suggest a wide angle lens for the food photography, so that all the elements stay in focus.

otherwise i notice excellent themes that you choose on food photography.

Rajan said...

Thanks for your comments siva, but I beg to differ. My intent in the composition was to selectively focus on a particular area and blur out the rest. Thus the use of the 80-200 @100mm and f/2.8 aperture.

The are in focus being the front portion of the Canolli, shows the nuts, cheese and crust.

Thanks and keep commenting.

Sabi said...

i agree with rajan.
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