Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saddle Up Houston! - 1

Today Houston is a bustling city of around 2 million. Ethnically diverse and from all walks of life we call Houston home. The largest medical center in the world, world-class educational institutes and a thriving oil and gas industry make Houston a cosmopolitan commercial city.

But for 20 days every Spring, Houstonians go back to their Texan roots. It is the time of the year when blue jeans and cowboy hats are seen everywhere. It is RODEO time in Houston! Houstonians take pride in their cowboy heritage and the rodeo is the world’s largest livestock exhibition, world’s richest regular-season rodeo and the Southwest’s premier entertainment event.

In its 76th year, Rodeo Houston is just getting started and it was kicked off by the ConocoPhillips Wheelchair and rodeo run through the streets of downtown followed by the rodeo parade this morning. The ConocoPhillips Wheelchair and rodeo run raises money for the Livestock Show and Rodeo Educational Fund.

A sunny 70+ morning, ideal for watching and cheering the parade participants, brought enthusiastic Houstonians to the streets of downtown. Amidst the towering skyscrapers, the hoof beats and marching bands was a treat for the eye and the camera. Here are some of my pictures from the rodeo parade this morning. Click them for a bigger image.

A young participant on the ConocoPhillips Rodeo run taking a bow to a radio talk show host.

I am an American, I am a Texan, I am a cowgirl!

A radio talk show host in his Western best.

Flags anyone?

Children in their Western attire were captivating.
Lost in thought, a young cowboy

The marching band from the University of Houston.

Congressman Al Green waving to spectators

A young horseman

Miniature horse carriage

Elsie - the Borden cow was also a part of the parade
Piyo glassful doodh..Mooo

Laugh away your worries - the rodeo clowns are here

A canine enjoying a ride on the Wells Fargo Stagecoach

My daddy strongest!
Mooo over Elsie, Schepps is here - the Schepps float

Lasso me - a young cowboy

I wanna be a cowboy when I grow up

More from the rodeo coming soon.

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