Monday, August 13, 2007

Deck the Walls

This weekend's project was to re-decorate our home, by hanging up some of my photos. I had them converted to B&W to give a classic feel. Here are the photos I've used:

A decorative feature in the Universal Studios theme park - Florida

Schloss Neuschwanstein, the Mad King castle and Disney inspiration, near Fussen, Germany

A German imbibing his favorite spirit, Market place, Munich, Germany

State Capitol of Louisiana at Baton Rougue

Sam Houston at the Hermann Park, Houston

An artistic sculpture at the Hermann Park, Houston

The Victorial Memorial, Kolkotta

Goats and the car, Thanjavur, India

A Chinese soldier sculpture, Forbidden Gardens, Katy, Texas and a scaled-down replica of the tomb of Emperor Qin


Anil P said...

What is it that the goats are eating from the basket?

R said...

If my memory serves me right, there was some fersh cut grass in the basket that the goats are eating from.